Auswertung 14th edition

Its never to late to evaluate … and drop some serious rhymes 😉

It took us a while to finish the event, but finally we are able to go through our sustainable checklist for the event.

We are super happy (just ask our bellies) that Vollkornminze aka Annski could take part this time in the event and support us with her delicious catering. We did not pick her only because of the super tasty food, even more important for us is her knowledge about food, where it comes from, what is the best seasonal vegetables, fruits and stuff like that. This was a huge step we made and now we can work on more details.

We tried to supply as many drinks/bottles which are reusable, what did not work out that super well as we did not not focus enough on that point. And sadly, its not that easy to get half liter bottles which are not made out of poor plastic quality which you cant reuse again.
If anybody has suggestions on that, let us know!

Regarding the travels we have to give some extra respect to Sacha who made a long train ride from Paris, as she was absolutely up for our agenda and also Dj Crash who could have easily taken a plane as he was involved in another event the night before the battles. He didn’t mind only a few hours of sleep and also taking a long train ride. Merci beaucoup. And Sacha, next time it will be by bike 😉
In our agenda we agreed on flights with a minimum distance of 1000km. This time we booked 5 flights with an average distance of 900km. Thats acceptable, and schedules won’t allow us every time to say no to flights, but we can do better.
Nevertheless most of our travels were by bus, train or fully packed private car or blabla car. So the resume is not too bad.

Accommodation was also shared between private, rental apartments and hotels. Unfortunately its still impossible to find accommodations in Leipzig with an eco friendly certificate. We hope for more improvement to come soon!

We printed 1000 pieces of flyer and 200 posters this time. Not as ecofriendly like last time, but still a small number of print products. We will reduce that next time again for sure.

The Distillery draws its electricity from a green host. They also separate the waste into bio and non bio, which is still pretty uncommon for party locations. So we are taking it step by step regarding this topic.

To sum it up. Its not always that easy to stay stick to your own agenda. We made some steps forward, but also some backwards. Each event is different and we are still organizing it in our leisure time. So we still need your support, your ideas and also your engagement to make Style Wild more green, more sustainable so we can leave a planet which is worth to live on to our future generations. This might sound a bit emotional, but Greta is showing us each day that we have a huge responsibility and we have to teach more than the history of dance culture and the values we share within the community.

Thx for reading that not so super fun but super important text about our event.

See ya soon

Style Wild Crew